Our services

  • Staff hiring.
  • Payroll management and salary payment.
  • Management of financial resources (bank accounts, etc).
  • Property maintenance.
  • Specific professional services.
*Whenever special situations arise such as hiring of architects, landscapers, engineers, land surveyors, notary publics or labour and employment attorneys, on a case by case basis.

Online communication

One of the most important factors in managing your second home effectively is connected to the time and the way all property-related information, such as utilities, associated services and news, is communicated.

Thorough information is published in a restricted-access web that can only be used by each residence owner.

When it comes to buildings or real estate developments, co-owners are able to access utility-related information (pending balance, past payments, future due dates, etc) using a personal security password.

  • This continuous relationship with experts in each area allows us to count on very high quality and experienced professional services in the market, getting very convenient economic terms and remarkably agile response times.
  • A large team suited to all the needs of a co-owned property that minimizes the risks involved and focuses on the success of each undertaking.